Self Awareness Training

Our training is designed to provide self-awareness to individuals as well as assist organisations to reduce sickness and presenteeism. 


Workplace courses include; Basic Mental Health Awareness, Suicide Awareness, The Power of YOU, Perfectionism, Relationships, Communication, Thinking, the good, bad and the ugly, Self-image and comparisons, Habits and addictions, Identity, ambition and success. 


Contact us with your requirements for a bespoke training programme.

CBT Coaching Academy

This course is run in partnership with City CBT College.  


Clinical training for those working as a health or social care provider.  This course aims to create a mindset change from the clinician being the fixer to the clinician who is an enabler. 

KUF Personality Disorder Training

Stacy is a trainer in the delivery of the Knowledge and Understanding Framework (KUF) Basic Awareness of Personality Disorder.  This course aims to improve service user experience through developing capabilities, skills and knowledge of the multi-agency workforces in health, social care and criminal justice who are dealing with the challenges of personality disorder.

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