Thrive in the City is passionate about creating safe, creative, inspiring and physical spaces for workers and residents in the City of London. Outside of the normal working environment, these spaces will enable people to be who they are, create support networks and leave behind the stigma, hierarchy and pressures of everyday working life.



Mental Health affects everyone working and living in the City of London. Despite a growing movement to address its importance, mental health remains stigmatised and its impact on business and employees is substantial. However, we are at a tipping point.


Given the huge efforts from individual champions and our partner organisations (Business in the Community, Mind, Thrive LND, City Mental Health Alliance, Business Healthy, the Dragon Cafe and Minds@Work) to raise awareness, there is a significant shift in the acceptance of the mental health as something that affects everyone as much as their physical health. This public movement has also transferred to the workplace where there is an increasing emphasis on the commercial impact of ignoring mental health and the ethical importance of employee care.


Despite this, there is widespread recognition in the City that we can and need to do more to support ourselves, our friends and our colleagues in the City with their mental health needs and to address the culture of mental health in the City. We believe that providing ‘choice’ is an important component to support our mental health. Our focus is specifically around creating ‘choice’ to both prevent mental ill-health and to offer choice in ways we can support our recovery.


We also recognize the exceptional wellbeing practitioners that are already operating in this space and, our aim is not to replicate, but to collaborate. We believe that working in partnership to bring practitioners under one roof will provide the most choice and be the most impactful in supporting the much-needed change.

Our aim


Building on the success of The Dragon Café, a highly successful community well-being hub in Borough, we want to create ‘The MindHub in the City’ to support the mental health needs of both workers and residents in the City of London and we are aiming to have a fully funded model open and supporting City workers and residents in January 2019.


To achieve our ambitious aim, we first need to know what City workers and residents want and what they need.


On the 27 November, over 75 practitioners and 20 City organisations are collaborating to host over 80 different experiences which support our mental wellbeing. At its simplest, we are seeking to match organisations who would like to host an event with practitioners who would like to offer a service.


We will then create an event that will be advertised on the ‘Thrive in the City’ website, which workers and residents can book onto via Eventbrite. To book to attend an event click here.



Who are we?


We are three people that are passionate and highly committed to addressing mental health in the City of London who connected because we share the same vision and values of collaboration, creativity and openness. We each have our own experiences, networks and story to tell:


  • Stacy Thomson – Minds@Work and Impact Coaching, Mental Health Crisis Practitioner.

  • Julia Hillman – Second Mile Consulting, previously Head of Authorisation function at Bank of England, PRA, FSA and SFA.

  • Will Nicholson – The Dragon Café, previously Ernst and Young and Deloitte.

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