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Thrive in the City!

Thousands of London City workers and residents come together to ‘Thrive In The City’

More than one thousand workers across the city of London attended more than 80 events on Monday 27 November to celebrate mental wellbeing, organised by Thrive in the City, a collaboration of three individuals with a shared insight for creating a safe, physical space to support mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said: “I was delighted to support Thrive in the City and to see hundreds of employees taking part in events across Canary Wharf and the City of London. It is incredibly important that employers support their workers’ mental wellbeing – the more we talk about mental health, the more we reduce the stigma around it, which so often prevents people from speaking out.”

Thrive In The City events were held at 18 different locations across the City of London and Canary Wharf including at AIG, Thomson Reuters, Legal & General, KPMG, Team London Bridge, Herbert Smith Freehills, Chubb, Shoe Lane Library as well as City Hall where speakers, therapists and Thrive London representatives were available to meet City workers and residents on a 1:1 basis.

The Bank of England opening statement for its panel discussion was: “It’s a collective responsibility to look out for each other at work – sometimes simply ‘cracking on’ isn’t the answer.”

Adam Spreadbury, Co-Chair of the Bank of England Mental Health Network, hailed the event: “The Bank of England is pleased to have hosted this event as part of Thrive in the City 2017. Our event focused on how line managers can help to support mental wellbeing in the workplace.

“In my own experience, having a supportive manager made all the difference when I experienced a mental health issue in 2009. That’s why I was proud to share my story with other organisations around the City in a bid to raise awareness about mental health and the important role line managers, and each of us, can play in helping to provide support to our colleagues when they need it.”

Louise Aston, from BITC (Business In The City), said: “Asking how people are, really meaning it and taking time to listen makes a real difference to our workplace wellbeing – a whole approach to mental wellbeing is needed.”

Julie Humphreys, Head of D&I AIG Europe, said: “We were very excited to support Thrive In The City at AIG. During 2017, we really began our work around mental health awareness in earnest, and we plan to build on this in 2018 – Thrive In The City was impeccable timing.”

Joyce Nash, Chair of the City of London Corporation’s Health and Wellbeing Board, said: “The City of London Corporation and its award-winning Business Healthy Programme were delighted to support Thrive in the City 2017. Mental health and wellbeing of the City’s 9,000 residents and 470,000-strong workforce is a priority for the City Corporation and is key to ensuring the Square Mile continues to be a fantastic place for people to work, live and visit.

“Thrive In The City brought together the business community, residents and workers to promote good mental health through its excellent and wide ranging programme of events. This ties in with our ongoing mental health campaign, Release the Pressure, encouraging those who are experiencing poor mental health to seek assistance.

“We continue to work with partners to help end the stigma about mental health, particularly in the workplace setting. A collaborative approach is vital and it was great to see two of the City’s libraries, Shoe Lane and Artizan Street, hosting Thrive In The City activities.”

Julia Hillman, co-founder of Thrive in the City was delighted that she and her co-founders Will Nicholson and Stacy Thomson executed this event from an idea borne five months ago.

“The hard work starts here, Julia Hillman said. “Now we have first-hand feedback from City workers and residents to tell us both what they want and what they need, to support their mental wellbeing. This clearly sets out the call to action for Thrive in the City and enables us to develop the implementation phase of creating the physical space in the City.”

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