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Torchlight: A Publication About Asking For Help By Kevin Braddock

We couldn't be more proud of our very own Minds@Work Kevin Braddock who has been working on something for quite a while now: a amazing new publishing project which includes 'Torchlight: A Publication About Asking for Help', and 'Practice Cards', pack of playing cards with suggestions on living with depression and anxiety: a way to make a game out of recovery or 'getting better'.

Torchlight is the chronicle of a breakdown and recovery, from suffering with severe depression and anxiety to asking for help, beginning to get better, and discovering different ways to live.

Lucid, useful, tactile, and beautifully illustrated, Torchlight is an example of how storytelling can be used to understand and represent these difficult yet widespread experiences in the course of human life.

People are talking openly about mental illness today: over its 154 pages Torchlight tells an extraordinary tale for our times.

You can also find Kevin's film about how to ask for help here:

It is amazing how Kevin uses storytelling as a way to help others and he has been presenting this project in a few “Firegazing” events – storytelling meetings – in Berlin and London, and he plans to run more. If you'd be interested in hosting one of these amazing events, get in touch with Kevin at

Well done Kevin!!

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