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What are your values? do you know?

If I was to ask you what you values are, would you know? More importantly, would you know how to utilise them? Understanding your values is a fundamental part of making the greatest impact on your life.

Your values influence your behaviours, your choices and your emotions. You values influence your habits, your lifestyles and your social experiences. Your values are your motivators and give you purpose to get up in the morning.

When I ask this question, often people will say things that they think are their values or that they want their values to be as they are seen as desirable traits to have. However, are the values that you want to have really your values?

So what are values?

Values represent what is important to you. Example of values are success, honesty, belonging and health. Understanding exactly what it is that you value is the perfect starting point for understanding yourself and your motivators. By knowing what your values are, you will be able to prioritise effectively, make consistent decisions and take action in a way that leads you to more success and happiness in your life.

Not only is understanding you values important, but also understanding the hierarchy or rank of your values is very important.

When you begin to make more choices that are more aligned with your values, your experience harmony, a feeling which leads to satisfaction and happiness. When you make decisions which are not aligned you experience disharmony which can lead to feelings of frustration, confusion, guilt, emptiness or unhappiness.

I want you to think of a time when you had the feeling of disharmony, how did you recognise this feeling when it happened? What can you do that ensures your actions and behaviours are aligned with your values?

It is also important to gain awareness of potential values that may have been imposed upon you in your life. These values may or may not be what you value the most, but it what you are working towards because it is someone else's values.

It is important therefore to be aware of potential values or 'idealist' values that may be affecting your life.

Signs that you might be living someone else's values:

  • You hear yourself using imperative language

  • I should be doing this

  • I ought to be doing this

  • I am supposed to be doing this

  • I need to do that

  • I must do this.....

It is also important to understand what you LOVE to do. You can do this by simply writing a list of everything that you love to do. Be honest and true to yourself. Don't feel any pressure to write anything you 'should' write.

This list will elicit things that you are most passionate about, that energise you and are truly important to you. When you have finished your list, ask yourself 'what do you find the most inspiring'? It is also important to understand your voids and pains, and how they have affected your life.

We can use this information and more to identify your top 10 values, simply by looking at your answers, pulling out key themes and values that seem to repeat, be a constant or resonate with you the most. Once you have done this you can truly ask yourself:

  • Is this truly my value or is it merely a desirable trait?

  • Why is this important to me?

  • When have I displayed this value?

  • Does it motivate me?

  • Does it make me feel happy?

  • Do I actually live this value?

If you want to know more about eliciting your values, as well as how to create a 'values hierarchy' so you can have a greater impact on your life please contact me.