Stacy understands the essence of coaching and the key to great performance and mental health is unlocking people's potential.


She believes that people possess more capability that they are current expressing, therefore views clients in terms of potential, not current performance.  


Stacy recognises that as a professional you aim high and work hard, yet you face challenges that compromise your success.  As a Performance Coach, she is here to help you build on and leverage your strengths, to harness your focus and effort to enable extraordinary results.  


Stacy will help you to build awareness, responsibility and self-belief so that you can thrive and be even more successful, both professionally and personally. 





Stacy helped me identify and address certain parts of my character and psychology that affected my day to day life and my work. The discipline and methods of her work ensured that I was able to discover the cause of those issues and approach them in an intellectual way. Her influence on our company performance atmosphere and was especially salient. With her help, we developed appropriate methods of interaction, asked the questions that we wanted to ask for a long time, became more transparent and efficient.I would strongly recommend Stacy to any team that wants to take its performance to the next level.



Philipp, Investment Professional