Stacy is an award-winning cognitive behavioural coach and mental health expert.  She provides coaching and mental health services within non-clinical settings to individuals and organisations across a broad spectrum of industries including financial services, law, consulting and technology.


Having spent over 20 years within the healthcare sector, she is an award-winning mental health professional who is well respected in her field and has a great understanding of what needs to happen to facilitate growth and change. 



The working world is becoming ever more complicated and competitive.  The demands that are often placed on us due to the accelerating levels of change and uncertainty mean that workplace stress and anxiety is on the increase.


We often forget in the midst of these external pressures, that organisations consist of individuals - real people who do not leave their emotions at the door.  Rather, they bring their day-to-day struggles to work with them, and they are often played out in the workplace.  If they are not understood and effectively addressed then this can impinge on both performance and productivity.  


At times when organisations and individuals are experiencing stress and extreme pressure, these emotions can be heightened which leads to conflicts, anxieties and defensive behaviours within the organisation.  Some of the things Stacy can help you/your employees with:


  • Clarifying and restoring personal resources with regards to locus of control and self-efficacy focusing on strengths, emotional intelligence, confidence, talents and abilities leading to increased success

  • Support to deal with difficult situations and relationships

  • Support to deal with traumatic situations and events

  • Assessment and containment of low to medium mental health issues; support for early intervention and recovery including long-term sickness management.

  • Evidence-based psychological interventions

Mental Health Champion Supervision


Over recent years, we have seen a rise in mental health champion/first aid training in the work place, which seeks to provide working professionals with the skills required to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental ill health.   


Supervision has been used extensively in all health-related industries and provides a framework which ensures mental health champions feel confident and equipped to continue having conversations long after their training.  


These sessions enable the individual to review and reflect on their conversations in a peer learning environment, as well as provide an opportunity for support and further development. 



MENTAL HEALTH consultancy & training

Are you a forward thinking organisation who wants to be recognised as a leader when it comes to tackling mental health issues at work.  If so, Stacy can work with you to provide what the very few do.  Get in touch if you would like to lead by example, by having an onsite mental health practitioner who can offer: 

  • Advice & supervisory support for anyone managing an employee who has mental health difficulties

  • Strategy advice and guidance with regards to well-being and employee engagement

  • Bespoke training delivery on mental health

  • Group interventions such a mindfulness

  • The first point of contact for employees with potential mental health issues including a triage, assessment & management system for those in crisis (including brief intervention to prevent hospital admission), complex cases, long term mental health conditions or those concerned about their mental health

  • Signposting to other agencies including liaison with occupational health services


Organisational Benefits:


  • A healthier and more productive way to manage mental health in the workplace

  • Increased productivity

  • Increased workforce resilience and flexibility

  • Improved team morale and collaboration

  • Improved workplace retention figures and increased ability to attract talent

  • A creative and nurturing environment that encourages employees to achieve their potential

  • Improved self-awareness and emotional intelligence in employee


For more information regarding mental health in the workplace and how we can support you please click here.


Collaboration with others


Stacy is also involved with various other initiatives and mental health movements who are passionate about reducing the stigma of mental health within the corporate world.   Last year she managed the Minds@Work community network alongside Geoff McDonald and co-founded a mental health event called Thrive in the City (for more information click here) which was recognised and applauded by Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London.  She is also asked regularly to comment or provide advice for the Business Healthy, City of London initiative and community. 


Stacy, a keen networker, has developed and collaborated with an amazing interdisciplinary network of executives, academics, qualified professionals, consultants, coaches, trainers – many of which have lived experience.  She believes collaboration is the key to really making a difference in this space.   She sits proudly alongside her inspirational peers on the advisory board of Mad World Forum as well as Rob Stephenson’s amazing InsideOut List alongside Sir Ian Cheshire, Sue Baker from Time to Change, and Lord Dennis Stevenson - who was commissioned by Teresa May to completed an independent review of mental health (Thriving at Work) with Paul Farmer, from Mind.    

For more information on Business Healthy, a community and online resource run by the City of London please click here.   To access a 5 part mini-series run in collaboration with Business Healthy on the current state of mental ill health in the workplace please click here.  


If you would like to know more, please contact Stacy for an informal chat to discuss your requirements.