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If you’re interested in the same things as I am, I’d love to hear from you. Call or email me and I'll aim to be back in touch within 24 hours.

Having started her career in the music industry many years ago, Stacy understands that whilst living the life of a celebrity can often look quite glamorous, what with the fame, the fortune and the stardom....but what about the downsides? The stuff the public don't get to see? 


What about the moments of self-doubt. The crippling anxieties, the sleepless nights, the constant pressure to meet expectations and 'perform'?  


Below are some of  some of the things we can help with:​


  • Do you need help to overcome the artist's block?

  • Have you lost 'you' in the midst of the celebrity machine? Have you lost sight of your core values?​

  • Do you feel alone, that no one can be trusted or people only like you because you are famous?

  • Maybe you have achieved it all, have everything you could ever want, yet you feel empty?

  • Do you feel the unrelenting pressure to be perfect?

  • No matter what you do, it is never good enough?

  • Have you become consumed by your own sense of importance? Does your ego feel out of control? Have you forgotten what it's like to be ordinary?

  • Do you dread what people might say to you? Are you struggling to keep it together when the public attack you?

  • Are you addicted to the buzz and finding it hard to remain grounded? Is your neediness growing and has it become an out of control habit?  Have you become addicted to substances to recreate the feeling that success creates? 


If you want to get back on track, if you want to stop feeling alone, uncertain or you no long want to feel anxious or depressed contact me.




Stacy understands the need for confidentiality and also the need to be flexible to fit around schedules and travel.  She is also available subject to diary commitments for touring coaching for those with more complex needs.






Fame & fortune often comes at a price....